Christmas Bourbon Slush Friday Happy Hour Episode #66


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Neil and Jenna revisit their upbringing with a variation of the Christmas classic, The Bourbon Slush! Easy enough to prep this a few day before the big holiday, just follow these simple steps.
Boil 7 cups water and 2 cups of sugar untill diluted in a large pot.
Steep 2 cups water and 2 Green Tea bag in a smaller pot.
Once both liquids have cooled add together with 1 can (16oz) frozen orange juice concentrate and 1 can (16oz) or lemonade concentrate.
Add 2 cups of your favorite bourbon and mix well. Don't use anything over 90 proof or the mix will or freeze properly.
Place the mix in the freezer till frozen.
When your ready to serve just use an Ice cream scoop to scoop and much mix into your glass and top with 7-up or and lemon lime soda. Give a few dashes of bitters for a little extra holiday spice!
Serve with a spoon or a wide straw and enjoy!

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