EPISODE EIGHT: Two Guys Talking Rush/Closer to the Art with Jacob Moon


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Welcome to Episode Eight: Two Guys Talking Rush/Closer to the Art: Rush and the Creative Community with musician Jacob Moon! This series focuses on how Rush have become influencers on other musicians' work like artist Jacob Moon who is no stranger to the world of Rush. Jacob is a solo Canadian folk singer/songwriter and guitarist based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He has an extensive repertoire of songs, with nine albums to his credit. He has won many accolades and has been invited to perform for and with some of his heroes, including Rush, Marillion, Ron Sexsmith and Gordon Lightfoot. Moon's famous YouTube cover of Rush's Subdivisions went viral in 2009 and has earned him many fans around the world. Tune in and learn more about Jacob's history, his music, and his love for our favorite band~ RUSH!

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