HOLIDAY SPECIAL LIVE: Two Guys Talking Rush/Pt 1. w Chris O'Conner


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John Kane and Dan Bukszpan hosts of the incredible podcast Two Guys Talking Rush risk everything and broadcast live on this very special Thanksgiving week show! Our Guests include: Christopher O’Connor, founder of the Port Dalhousie Supply Company and O’Connor Initiative. David De Rocco Taskforce Chair joins the conversation as well. The incredible Donna Halper pops in as a surprise guest! Fans with Rush tattoos discuss why it was important to them to be forever inked with their favorite band. Awesome! Let us give thanks to Rush. Be well friends, JK & DB The PDSC Backstory... The Port Dalhousie Supply Company is a lifestyle apparel brand based in Niagara, Canada. We connect people to place through our works. There is a real “sense of place” in Port Dalhousie. Neil described that in Lakeside Park the song. The O’Connor Initiative is a non-profit organization that runs community events and special projects in Niagara. In partnership between our two companies we designed the Lakeside Park T-Shirt to honour the Art and Life of Neil Peart as he grew up in the area and was inspired by some of his surroundings. We didn’t plaster Neil’s name or face all over this shirt as we feel he would not have appreciated that, instead we made a classy ode to him through our own imagery. Willows in the breeze! What we hope to accomplish is to firstly connect people to the upcoming commemoration to Neil in Lakeside Park, Port Dalhousie. RUSH has a global fan base and they want to see Neil commemorated. Our shirts allow them to connect directly to the project, wherever they are! And hopefully bring their shirts when they make Port Dalhousie a travel destination. The City has struck a Taskforce to manage the project. Secondly, the proceeds from the t-shirts will directly benefit the project through the City. Shirts can be bought online at

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