The coming conflict between Ethiopia and Egypt with Eddie Yeranian


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Today, The Two Mikes were lucky to have a discussion with Eddie Yeranian from his base in Cairo. Specifically, we talked about what appears to be a growing problem between Ethiopia and Egypt.
Currently, there are reports that the Ethiopian government plans to use its most important dam to take more water from the Nile, an act that would badly damage Egypt's agricultural sector and, therefore, could lead to an Egyptian military response directed at that dam.
An Ethiopia-Egypt conflict is now only a possibility, but the situation merits close attention as the bulk of Europe and the U.S. Democratic Party hates Egyptian President SISI for removing Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood regime, and so there is no lack of powerful governments that could goad -- or bribe -- Addis Abba into acting.
Mr. Yeranian also described growing problems in Libya, where the UN-backed government is pushing to reopen the coast road along the Mediterranean, an action which would allow Islamist militants, terrorists, and radical clerics to enter the now relatively orderly eastern half of Libya seeking to reignite the civil war.

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