A Framework for Wholeness w/Seth Abram (Enneagram 9) [S04-044]


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I know many of you are looking forward to today’s show and I’m thrilled to share this rich conversation with Enneagram Nine, Seth Abram. Seth is a long-time friend, pastor, singer, songwriter, creator and founder of Integrated Enneagram, and co-host of the popular Enneagram podcast, Fathoms.

Seth not only shares his wealth of knowledge about the work that is needed to become the fullest expression of our true selves but also provides insight into learning to recognize and embrace the role that anger plays in the transformational path for an Enneagram 9.

In this episode we discuss the:

  • Fear and passion of the Peacemaker
  • Tension of the polarity of wings on type
  • Recognizing and growing into right action

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