Darren Tyler Connects with his Feelings (Enneagram 5) [S04-057]


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We’ve got another great guest today. Darren Tyler is the Founder of Conduit Church of Franklin, TN. Conduit Church has been the vehicle of generosity to people in Asia, Africa and The Americas...drilling wells, building schools and clinics, and freeing slaves. He’s an Enneagram savvy Five who not only uses the Enneagram in his organization building his team, but has integrated his knowledge into his personal life to strengthen his relationships with his friends and family.

We share a rich conversation about how the Enneagram has helped shape his team as well as how it has opened his eyes to the importance of connecting to his feelings in order to better love and care for his wife and children. We also uncover the hidden fears of the Five and explore the importance of balancing the three centers of intelligence.

There are a lot of great insights in this episode. So whether you are a five, you love a five, or you work with a five, take a listen and let us know your favorite takeaways.

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