Kara Powell Shares the 3 Pivotal Questions We All Should Answer (Enneagram 3) [S04-058]


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Wouldn’t it be great if you had an arsenal of conversation starters for the young adults in your life? Today’s guest, Dr. Kara E. Powell joins me for an important conversation on how to best communicate with teenagers and young adults. We explore the 3 pivotal questions to ask young adults and share strategies for developing better, more life-giving answers to those questions. In their new book, Dr. Kara Powell and Brad Griffin offer 300 conversation starters and connection ideas that are crucial not only for young people to be able to answer but also for our own development and personal growth as adults.

Listen as we weave the role of the Enneagram throughout the conversation then share this episode with your friends and family.

And as a special offer, visit https://3bigquestionsbook.com/typology to get 40 additional conversation starters PLUS a free chapter of 3 Big Questions to help better connect with teenagers and young adults.

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