Let's Talk Enneagram Nines, feat. Beatrice Chestnut (S04-048)


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Enneagram Nines appear to be so uncomplicated, and yet they’re actually very complicated. Enneagram Nines share a tendency to be other-referencing or more tuned in to what’s going on in the outside than they are tuned into what’s going on inside. They have a tendency to want to create harmony in their environment, and avoid conflict. They have a unique sensitivity to tension and conflict that they want to prevent or avoid altogether. So, I asked Beatrice Chestnut to join me to go deep into the inner workings of the Peacemakers.

In today’s episode we:

  • Explore the nuances between each subtype
  • Highlight the various ways Nines wrestle with or express their anger
  • Delve into the transformational path for each subtype

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