Why Emily Ley No Longer Keeps Score (Enneagram 2) [S04-049]


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This week’s amazing guest, Emily Ley, is the Founder of Simplified, a brand of planners and organizational tools for busy women. She's been featured in Forbes, Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens, Glamour, and Good Housekeeping. She is also a national bestselling author of many books, including her latest, Growing Boldly: Dare to Build a Life You Love.

As an Enneagram Two, she’s doing her work to make positive changes in her professional and personal life. We talk about her new journey in therapy, what it means to be a two and a leader in the corporate field, why she no longer keeps score at home, and even dig into the core struggle of the two...that need to be liked.

So, whether you are a Two, work with a Two, or love a Two, this episode covers a lot of ground and will open your eyes to the way a Two views the world.

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