Head Coaches, Tray Allen, Nick Bennett, Pat Baldwin Sr & NBA Summer League/Euro Player Joah Tucker..


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U Can B Mo Podcast: Episode 14 Wednesday, July 8th, 2020 9pm CST Host: Brandon Morris Co-Host: “The Bench” Greg Leech, Corey Ciesielczyk, Jason Attanosoft, Guest: “The Starters” * Tray Allen, Head Coach Boy’s Varsity Racine Park * Joah Tucker, Europe/NBA/UW-Milwaukee * Nick Bennett, Head Coach Boy’s Varsity Racine St. Cat’s * Pat Baldwin Sr., Head Coach UW-Milwaukee Trivia Guru: Jon Atkins 1st Segment (45 minutes) 1. What has changed about the game of basketball since your playing days? 2. What’s misunderstood about what it takes to play at the next level? 3. What new effective approach will you take because of COVID-19? 2nd Segment (45 minutes) 4. What’s the most memorable thing basketball has brought to your life? 5. How do you prepare players for life after basketball? 6. What prepares parents for the the level you coach? Bonus Questions (if time allows): * What are your most and least favorite moments from the LAST DANCE? Closing Segment - Each coach gives advice to young up and coming players looking to play at the next level. - Each coach gives advice to parents of those players looking to play at the next level.

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