How To Set The Expectation That You Won’t Be Hooking Up Before A Date


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Jared and Jordana start the show with a reflection on some of the highlights from the first 10 years of Betches history and a discussion about what “success” really looks like. Then they dive into a conversation about how to moderate someone’s expectations about whether or not you'll be hooking up before the date. A listener writes in to ask how to communicate to a guy she only met once that she isn’t looking to sleep together right away. The Awkward Sexual Encounter involves horrible smelling feet and not enough ventilation. Then another listener writes in to ask if it’s possible to fix her boyfriend’s fashion sense even though he seems pretty committed to his accessories. How do you deal with dating someone who has an unattractive wardrobe? Finally, they finish the show with some Red Flag or Deal Breakers, leading to a conversation about whether or not you should be honest about how many sexual partners you’ve had in the past.

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