Coronavirus: The Whole Story - How can we protect our mental health during the pandemic?


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This month, mental health has come to occupy centre stage as we grapple with the impact of lockdown and the multiple assaults on our resilience caused by uncertainty, illness, recovery, financial insecurity, job losses, bereavement, homeschooling, and so much more. Our focus on mental health right now could represent a real opportunity to build back better and create a mental health system that's right for our times. UCL experts: - Prof Anthony David (Professor of Mental Health Director & Sackler Chair, UCL Institute of Mental Health) - Dr Michael Bloomfield (Principal Research Fellow, Division of Psychiatry Faculty of Brain Sciences) More info: Transcript: If you’ve got a question about the pandemic you’d like UCL researchers to answer, please get in touch by emailing UCL’s Communications and Marketing team on – we’d love to hear from you.

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