Inclusive Innovators - Mikko Koria, Director of Institute for Design Innovation


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Welcome to UCL’s Inclusive Innovators podcast, part of the East London Inclusive Enterprise Zone (ELIEZ) ELIEZ is an accessible, specially designed, community for entrepreneurs who are disabled or whose work focuses on accessibility. In the final episode, we speak with Mikko Koria, the Director of the Institute for Design Innovation, and Professor of Design Innovation at Loughborough University London. Mikko’s key expertise is linked to successful leadership of complex, multicultural and multidisciplinary organisations and initiatives, combining technical and social goals. Mikko has led complex, multicultural and interdisciplinary initiatives and organisations, building teams and meaningful solutions in humanitarian work and business contexts, in many cases linking technical and social goals. He has continuously expanded his design and architecture background to include expertise in the fields of management, economics, and innovation while always being conscious about wide and inclusive value creation for those involved Mikko has recently worked with the ELIEZ cohort on a Design Thinking workshop. Hear Mikko speak more about the workshop and more in the final Inclusive Innovators episode. Transcript:

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