Inclusive Innovators - Srin Madipalli, Co-founder of Accomable


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Welcome to UCL’s Inclusive Innovators podcast, part of the East London Inclusive Enterprise Zone (ELIEZ) ELIEZ is an accessible, specially designed, community for entrepreneurs who are disabled or whose work focuses on accessibility. In this series, listeners will have an opportunity to hear from start-ups, design thinkers, entrepreneurs and partners that are part of the ELIEZ community. Each episode is hosted by Matt Pierri who founded Sociability, an app which helps disabled people find accessible spaces. In this episode, we speak to Srin Madipalli, Co-founder of Accomable, an accessible travel startup. Accomable was acquired by AirBnb in 2017. Srin now works at Airbnb as Head of Accessibility (Homes) / Product Manager and also volunteers at Disability Rights Advocates. We speak to Srin about his experience of working on a successful start-up and how Accomable transformed the way the disabled community travel around the world. Transcript: Read more here:

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