Lunch Hour Lecture: Finding the Network Balance in Parkinson's Disease Hallucinations


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Visual hallucinations, the sensation of seeing objects that are not really there, are common in Parkinson’s disease, occurring in 40-70% of affected individuals. They are often distressing and are associated with worse quality of life and higher carer burden and are the single best predictor of nursing home placement. But despite their impact, the mechanisms leading to visual hallucinations are not understood and there are currently no effective treatments. This lecture will explain how looking at the brain as a network, rather than separate regions, can help us better understand how changes in brain structure and wiring that are seen in the brains of people with Parkinson’s disease affect brain function and lead to the development of hallucinations. Date: Tuesday 26 January 2021 Speaker: Dr Angelika Zarkali, Specialist Registrar in Neurology, UCL Free to attend, live stream or watch online: More info : Join the conversation on Twitter at #UCLMinds #MadeAtUCL

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