Lunch Hour Lecture: Urban Rooms How Stories Of Place Can Unlock Engagement And Research


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Genuine engagement about how best to achieve liveable urban futures should be part of planning’s raison-d’etre but it has a chequered history of delivery. Exhibitions harnessing the communicative power of mixed media and linked to a progressive and responsive programme of focused discussion and debate remain relevant to community consultation and civic engagement. Terry Farrell’s concept of the ‘urban room’ to involve citizens in engaging with the past, present, and future of towns and cities offers a contemporary refreshment of the approach propounded by Patrick Geddes from the early 1900s. The possibilities of creating novel and compelling opportunities for civic discourse in this guise are explored though the Newcastle City Futures pop-up exhibition and events held in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK in 2014. Urban rooms carry lessons for imagining how universities, governments, and community groups may come together to critically and creatively forge future propositions for the urban condition. Date: Tuesday 17th November Speaker: Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones , Professor of Cities and Regions at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, UCL Free to attend, live stream or watch online: More info : Join the conversation on Twitter at #UCLMinds #MadeAtUCL

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