POLICY AND PRACTICE - "We wanted flying cars instead we got 140 characters"


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The words the future of conflict triggers shiny images of technology overtaking the battlefield and an extreme revolution in military affairs. But how real is the hype about the disruption to defence and what will this mean for the soldier on the ground? In this panel we bring together three experts to consider the real face of the future of conflict. Flt. Lt. Dr James Kuht, RAF Doctor and Founder of the Reimagining Defence podcast, Lt. Col Al Brown, Chief of the Staff General Scholar and Visiting Fellow at Pembroke College, Oxford and Graham Fairclough, former Chief of Staff for the UK's Chief of Defence Intelligence in London and currently Chief of Staff for Rebellion Defence to share their experiences and vision for harnessing the exponential growth in technologies for defence, its potential uses and misuses, and the implications for the battlefield.

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