Ep # 39 Healing illness with mindset - Angelito Marcos


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Angelito Marcos is a Holistic health practioner, lifestyle coach, and wellness educator of The Higher Pursuit. His life was not always this way... his wellness journey began from his own personal challenges he endured in his younger years that left him feeling chronically fatigued, in tremendous physical pain, anxious and depressed. He went seeking for answers to his "mystery" disease that was diagnosed by his doctor who told him there were no solutions to his condition.

Through his trial and tribulations he was able to heal himself through the education, mentorship and guidance he obtained on the foundational human principles needed to live a life of balance, joy, harmony, and wellbeing. He's worked with some of the top health and wellness clinics and companies as a coach, mentor, and educator facilitating experiences that enable groups and individuals create healthy relationships with their minds, bodies and the world around them. Angelito's social handles. Facebook: Angelito Marcos Jr. Instagram: angelito_marcos www.thehigherpursuit.com

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