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Annick Ina is a coach, author and Book Doula.

Her mission is to help women hone in on their uniqueness, and turn it into a way of life.

She is the creator of Write and Change Lives, an online programme for women to grow and experience the transformational power of becoming authors.

Sharing her own experiences, Annick creates sacred spaces filled with empathy and humour to help you honour all of who you are, tell your stories, and change lives.

In her book, Soul Superstar: Stories From My Sober Heart, she shares her story in a raw and unfiltered voice to inspire readers to connect with their own Soul Superstar and explore their own journey.

She is currently travelling and hosting retreats and workshops around the world as she's working on her second book, Be You, Do You - a practical guide to creating the life you deserve, one day at a time.

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