Ep #52 Meeting our higher self with KA'ryna SH'ha


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KA'ryna SH'ha the voice of "GrandMother Speaks"…Is an internationally acclaimed Sage Philosopher

Award Winning Multi-Media Artist, Author, Choral Singer, Musician and Master of Ascending Consciousness.

Known as Grandmother AH’LU’ Sha’Mah, KA’ryna is a “Master Shambhala Byung Tau”, Spiritual Teacher of Advanced Metaphysics offering the Sacred Gateways of the Heart Masters- realizing permanent states of Harmonic Consciousness.

KA’ryna’s 3 near death experiences have shaped the loving essence of her Ascended Heart Teachings.

Her Live transmissions are expressed through a diverse range of ceremonial performances and sacred musical arts.

Born with a profound gift to peer into the unseen Heart of Creation, her radiant, sensitive and loving awareness inspires us to awaken into “The Grace of Presence”; she calls the “Heart-Field” of Enlightenment.

Her deep passion for ceremonial performance and sacred musical arts are derived from a yearning to connect humanity with its cosmic and spiritual roots of Presence through the heart of Love.

Her breathtaking multi-sensory and immersive events transport guests into realms of pure bliss!

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