Ep #56 Heart Art and all its healing with Paula Brown


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Paula Brown has the intuitive gift to find and put into picture heart stories; to unwrap, show and make visible what is inside each heart’s gift.

She helps leaders unwrap their gifts to get unstuck from “story invisibility”.

Paula is a Heartist: an intuitive quick sketch artist/purpose coach, author and speaker. Leaders hire her to literally and figuratively draw out their authentic story, the true heartbeat of their purpose, vision, gifts.

Her unique life stories lit her purpose quest skills, and forged her belief that telling “story” from the “inside out”; unwrapping and picturing your heart gifts, ignites REAL leadership in life and business. Emerging from Brand Creative Director for international clients, and being an official nature / animal communicator, Paula marries both intuition and strategic process for influencers to discover, unwrap and communicate their heart gift with her Sketch Questing and purpose coaching.

She takes her clients into creativity, understanding, and focused clarity…out of the frustration of having and knowing their vision yet not being able to communicate it.

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