Partner Reward – Metrics, Measurements and the Link with Profit-Sharing


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In this discussion, you can hear Session Chair, Zulon Begum, CM Murray LLP, and speakers Claire Watkins, Buzzacott LLP, David Shufflebotham,, Robert Millard, Cambridge Strategy Group, Sarah Chilton, CM Murray LLP and Corinne Staves, Maurice Turnor Gardner LLP, discuss a range of metrics and strategic issues that professional services firms should carefully consider when evaluating partner reward. Our PPA experts discuss the following: 1. What areas are firms currently weak at measuring in respect of evaluating partner reward? 2. What areas should firms focus on measuring and how can they do that from a practical perspective? What types of data should firms be looking for in respect of various metrics? 3. How can firms ensure that metrics and data are aligned with their overall strategy, particularly given that many firms will need to reassess their business plan over the next few months/years, given the current climate? 4. What are the key issues associated with sole reliance upon financial metrics to measure partners’ performance? 5. How can firms ensure that metrics they apply reflect their diversity and inclusion focuses and values? Might some metrics be inherently discriminatory? 6. How should firms evaluate partners against metrics and what are the main strategic issues when undertaking such evaluations? What are the potential pitfalls? For more information on the topics covered in this recording, please contact Partners Zulon Begum or Sarah Chilton, both of whom specialise in Partnership law.

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