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I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the conversations on social media about last week’s episode with Debra Scott. It was so lovely to hear from so many of you in the low carb community and how you connected with her story, absolutely loved it, thank you

Today I am joined by Colleen Shoemaker @thinkingaboutdinner and I loved having this conversation. Colleen was so open and honest about the reality of her ups and downs and how she overcame some of her food habits and how this helped her to become a mum and a happier, healthier person.

Colleen is both inspirational and such a lovely friend in the low carb community and since this recording has been a regular member of the wolf pack and joined our community calls we used to make before Christmas - talking of which, we really should start those again!

Anyway, enjoy this episode and wait for the most amazing kebab recipe too!
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