THE BIG CONVERSATION ๐Ÿ—ฃ With Graham Phillips, Dr Ruth Tapsell, Dr David Oliver & Ally Houston


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Happy new year and welcome to the first episode of UK Low Carb in 2021, an episode of The Big Conversation.
The show where my guests and I debate the latest nutrition news effecting the Low carb and keto community

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Today Iโ€™m joined by Graham Phillips (the Pharmacist who gave up drugs) Dr Ruth Tapsell (GP), Dr David Oliver (GP) & Ally Houston (businessman and scientist) and we have a big conversation about the latest news that we think you need to know.
Here are the stories that they shared with us.
Ally -
The Daily Mail story about eggs
Graham -
Ultra Processed Foods BMJ
Dr Ruth -
Nutritional Ketosis Trail

Dr David -
Dr David Unwin's article in the BMJ

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