Episode 177: Bonnie Schroeder (@bonschro)


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Bonnie Schroeder:

My lovely girlfriend is back to tell us all about how she is feeling and her rehab after her recent mastectomy and breast reconstruction, all of which were done to help drastically reduce her chances of getting breast cancer. Nasty'Ol BRCA1 genes aren't gettin' her today!

But, in all seriousness, I am very proud of this woman for making this decision and taking control of the less than optimal hand she was dealt. It is scary. But, instead of living in fear or waiting till it was too late, she did something about it. She's impacted so many people just from the transparency she has had from sharing the whole journey on social media. I couldn't be more stoked for her.

Join us for a light-hearted, insightful talk about how Bonnie is doing, and that it hopefully encourages you to take control of your life to make it better.


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