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Gisele's dog, Zena, was sprayed by a skunk in the middle of the night; whilst Gisele was less than fully clothed.
This very resilient dog was also sprayed 1 year ago... in the mouth!
So, when this same skunk walked into her yard after just a few nights ago having wrecked havoc on her and her mother's life (THIS IS NO EXAGERATION) the brave dog decided not to play the victim anymore. This time she attacked and killed it. Effectively removing the problem for herself, as well as others!
What problem has followed you and tormented you?
How many times are you going to continue to be the victim before you address it and kill it?
Or perhaps your skunk is only a problem because of it's fear, a defense reaction to its environment? Hmmmmm.... think a minute on that one.
If you have become accustom to the stench around you perhaps you can seek out some trusted friends to help you identify the skunks and then kill them off!!
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