Teaching Tidbits 16: Teaching Tools to Use on the Go


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In this Unabridged Teaching Tidbits episode, Ashley shares some teaching tools she'll be taking with her as her family prepares for their big trip. Three tools that she shares are Rocketbooks (which work with Frixion pens), games like Bananagrams, and Osmo games, which work with iPads or Kindle Fire tablets. Some specific things Ashley uses are the Fusion Rocketbook, this pack of Frixion pens, and My First Bananagrams. The Osmo kits her girls love are the Genius kit and the Little Genius kit. Note that both of those kits can be purchased without the base, and they are cheaper that way. You only need to buy the base one time. (Be sure to buy the correct base for the iPad or for the Kindle Fire.) Ashley's girls also love the Detective Agency Osmo game. *The Osmo company runs some great deals, so it's worth watching for discounts.

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