Classic Replay: Assisted dying & euthanasia


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First broadcast in Aug 2010. Should people suffering from terminal illness or in terrible pain be allowed to take their own life? Should doctors help them? British law currently forbids it but there are voices asking for a change. At the forefront is "Dignity in Dying" whose Chief-Executive Sarah Wootton argues that allowing people to choose when and how they die is an extension of personal liberty. Revd George Pitcher is an Anglican priest. He argues in his new book "A Time To Live - the argument against euthanasia and assisted dying", that human dignity requires us to respect human life. Both the legal and Christian ramifications are discussed as they are joined by Revd Paul Badham, also an ordained Anglican who believes that assisted-dying is a moral option. • For exclusive resources and to support us USA: Rest of the World: • For our regular Newsletter • For more faith debates: • Facebook • Twitter • Insta

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