Unconfirmed: How Ryan Zurrer Ended Up Spending the Most on a Single NFT Artwork - Ep.295


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Ryan Zurrer, founder of Dialectic, a crypto wealth multi-family office, discusses his recent $29 million purchase of Beeple’s Human One and his experience at Art Basel in Miami, along with his thoughts on the NFT space in general. Show highlights:

  • what Human One is and why Ryan purchased it
  • how Ryan and Beeple’s personal relationship factored into the purchase of Human One
  • why Human One is important to the metaverse
  • how Ryan defied the odds in purchasing Human One
  • how Miami’s Art Basel conference missed out by not capitalizing enough on NFTs
  • what Ryan thinks about the NFT industry being described as a bubble
  • how Ryan uses “proof-of-artwork” to determine which NFTs to buy
  • Ryan’s experience visiting Beeple’s art studio/campus
  • where Ryan thinks NFTs will go from here, and why he is so bullish on music NFTs in particular

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