Why a Coinbase Listing May Not Be a Good Thing for a Token - Ep.311


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Fais Khan, author of the Startups and Econ newsletter, dives into his recently published research report, "You Don't Own Web3": A Coinbase Curse and How VCs Sell Crypto to Retail. Show highlights:

  • whether tokens perform better before or after being listed on Coinbase
  • what relationship a16z, a venture capital firm, has to Coinbase
  • why Fais believes that the poor performance of VC-backed tokens after being listed could be the result of insiders dumping
  • other reasons for a token’s poor performance after being listed on Coinbase besides insiders dumping
  • what type of coin/token went up 1,800% in 2020
  • why Fais is suspicious of how quickly certain VC-backed tokens were listed on Coinbase
  • whether Fais believes Coinbase or a16z is actually doing something nefarious
  • what sort of regulatory actions he believes would improve crypto
  • what advice Fais has for token investors

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