Power to the People: How Good Empire's Empowering You to 'Save the F**king World'


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It’s been described as ‘TikTok for doing good’, a global impact loyalty program, and an app that empowers and challenges people to take action on some of the world’s biggest problems like hunger, poverty and climate change.

Founder Andre Eikmeier joins us to share where his inspiration came from, how he realised that he didn’t need to figure out how to save the world, plenty of smart people before him were onto that, he just needed to figure out how to empower people to take action and have visibility of their impact. Say hello to the next big thing: Good Empire.

How did Andre go from co-founding Aussie online wine retailer, Vinomofo, to building a new company that’s set out to tackle the world’s biggest issues? Change is hard, and humans love convenience, so how will Good Empire motivate people to take action? What advice does Andre have for entrepreneurs and business leaders? And perhaps the biggest question, what’s an app got to do with saving the world?

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