#203 Should We Hijack Political Parties or Start A Revolution?


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This week I spoke with Krystal Ball. Krystal is a progressive American commentator who, along with right-wing commentator Saagar Enjeti, co-hosts the podcast/video show Breaking Points. (The duo previously hosted a popular show for The Hill.)

Krystal and I discuss many of the issues that divide left and right-wing politics. We explore how politicians fear the media and thus are controlled by their narratives. I delve into whether or not Krystal, as a progressive, feels that her respect for the Democratic Party has been eroded. Plus, we reflect on actions and options: What should we do? Should we hijack a political party and use their position to make change, or should we start from scratch and start a revolution, scrapping the entire system completely? Krystal has some very interesting, balanced, and thoughtful ideas on all of these questions; her answers will appeal to those on every side of the political spectrum.

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Krystal also hosts a progressive podcast Krystal, Kyle & Friends.

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