From Priesthood to Global Coach, Brian Bachand Shares His Remarkable Story of Truth, Purpose and Evolution


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Brian G. Bachand is proud of his truth. He's a former Priest and has since transitioned to finding his true calling. He is the founder of "evolution evolution," which is a Global Coaching Company. It focuses on the power of engaged networking and realizing true leadership is about being your authentic self. He's also a Coach and Advisor for Leaders on a MISSION in their WORK. Brian considers himself a Hiring Expert and a guy with a Golden Voice which was given justice by being a Keynote/Corporate Speaker.

In this episode, we will highlight the most important factors of Brian's inspirational story.

This includes:

- What urged Brian to enter the seminary and Priesthood?

- What extraordinary experiences did he have during his ordainment into Priesthood?

- While he's in his spectacular growth in his seminary and Priesthood experience, what made him realize he's being groomed for leadership more than the church?

- Why is it important to own one's truth?

- What is evolutionevolution and how does it serve as Brian's means to share the importance of sharing one's authentic self?

- What are Brian's plans for the next coming six to 12 months?

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