Kelly 'Claire' Berge: President, Director & Lead investigator of the Vancouver Paranormal Society


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Tonight a good friend and colleague of previous guest Jason Hewlett stops by Unexplained Inc. for the very first time. Kelly Claire Berge is the leader of what is arguably considered the oldest not-for-profit paranormal research group in all of Canada. Here are some of the talking points touched upon in this episode:
- Kelly's life-altering apparition that she saw in the summer of '72
- How would one potentially join the VPS as in investigator?
- Kelly's intense and dramatic spiritual awakening
- NDE's and guardian angels
- Those 'TV Ghost Hunters' again!
- Final thoughts on Phantom Phil's photo from Halloween
- Phantom Phil's Shamanic course on Psychopomp and how it loosely ties to paranormal investigation (or could)
- Psychic mediums and why the VPS doesn't use their aid
This one really started to heat up as we were running out of time so Kelly will return one day for a second round. Here is where you can find out more about her work and the VPS:
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