Light-Worker Series: Jennifer Schlueter: Hypnotherapist and breath-work facilitator @ Mind Your Subconscious


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Happy Black Nobility Friday folks!
During this mad time of the year it is the perfect day to drop the November edition of the Light Worker we are joined by Jennifer Schlueter who is calling in all the way from Capetown, South Africa. Here are some of the talking points of this episode...which had some time constraints:
- Is the mania around Black Nobility Friday a form of hypnosis or spell-casting?
- Steps to becoming a hypnotherapist and how it can boost your meditation practice
- Past Life Regression
- How Jennifer channels higher beings (ie: extraterrestrial entities) to aid with her practice
- Is channeling really as dangerous as some say?
- Are dark entities that sneak through channelling and other modalities a byproduct of unconscious shadow-work or unconscious personal manifestation?
All this and much more on this edition of the Light Worker is where you can connect with Jennifer and learn more about her work:
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