CJ McCollum on NCAA Basketball & Wine


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Olivia takes the lead as she sits down with Portland Trailblazer CJ McCollum for a discussion on wine and basketball. The two talk about the pressures of playing on a large stage like the NCAA Tournament and the difference between playing from college to the pros. Olivia and Speedy also break down the fallout from last week's NBA trade deals, and they get a surprise shout-out from Kevin Harlan that did not go quite as planned. We can’t forget about our guy Peter Andreu with this week’s Lion’s Lock segment and his picks for the final four games of the tourney.

00:00:00 - Intro

00:08:28 - Olivia talks with CJ McCollum

00:26:39 - Shout out from Olivia’s Dad

00:34:36 - Lion’s Lock with Peter Andreu

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