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This week on Unlicensed Therapy, I am joined by comedian and host of the new Netflix show Tattoo Redo, Jessimae Peluso. In this episode, Jessimae reveals to us her brief encounter with a man she believed to be a median during her most vulnerable state after her father’s passing. We follow that up by discussing the age-old question of what happens after we die? We also get into the release of Bill Cosby and speculate on his future plans on touring and performing.


[00:08] Introduction to Jessimae Peluso

[04:21] Weed comedian

[07:14] Insensitivities and trauma responses

[08:51] Favorite porn

[10:04] Cosby’s release from jail

[20:24] Jessimae’s porn interests

[22:42] Is squirt pee?

[25:54] The rules of anal

[32:37] Lift of the mask mandate

[36:08] The Untethered Soul

[37:15] Scammed by a false median

[41:47] What happens after we die?

[44:48] DMing OJ Simpson

[47:17] Women’s statue of limitations on hotness

[52:47] Difference between weight lifting and all other exercise

[53:26] Freakonomics: pill that simulates exercise

[57:51] Connect with Jessimae

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