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In the mid-2000s Britney Spears was the most famous pop star in the world and the public's insatiable appetite for stories about her meant she was constantly followed by a swarm of desperate paparazzi.

The frenzy began to take its toll and in 2007 she finally reached breaking point, shaving her head and attacking a paparazzo's car with an umbrella.

So why didn't the media leave Britney alone when she was clearly suffering under intense scrutiny?

And if they had, would she have been put under conservatorship at all?

In episode of Unpacked, we’re going to attempt to answer that.


Journalist, David Samuels

Paparazzi, Daniel Ramos

Entertainment Reporter, Dax Holt

Blogger & Media Personality, Perez Hilton


Britney Spears and the paparazzi - X17

Britney Spears at 29th Annual GLAAD Awards - Maximo TV

Britney Spears hits paparazzo's car with umbrella - X17

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Sketch at 2006 Video Music Awards - MTV


Executive Producer: Edwina Stott
Audio Production: Adrian Walton

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