West Virginia's Charter School Era Begins


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West Virginia is now the 42nd state to introduce public charter schools as an education choice for parents and students. A new state law allows the creation of ten charter schools over the next three years. That can include two virtual charter schools. A state authorizing board is reviewing seven applications that are required to follow the same rules and regulations that public schools do. But charters can offer more flexibility to adapt and adjust learning approaches. In some states like Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina and California more than 10 percent of students now attend charter schools. The educational reform movement got its start 30 years ago in Minnesota and in the past three decades, charters have created an us and them divide. Despite their popularity and expansion, some people oppose charter schools. They say charters drain students and resources from traditional public schools. When students attend a charter program, state funding moves with them. We’ll hear from students, parents, teachers and leaders about West Virginia’s decision to bring in charters - and a lawsuit that claims the plan is unconstitutional.

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