Episode 118- Brian Kelly, founder of Brian Kelly Leadership Coaching


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“The whole dynamic of the workforce I was in (corporate) did not have this connection and that people mattered” – 01.20 -

“It’s not just having a job, its contributing to something that matters and when we have that meaning attached to how we contribute, there is a different impact and energy that we can create” – 02.15 -

“Action circles are about moving from insight to impact no matter what that is for you” – 06.50 - “We get to better, together” – 10.30 - “How do we get to connection if we don’t go through vulnerability?” – 11.30 -

“Getting back to who we authentically are rather than who we think we need to be or who others may want us to be. How do we remove the layers of life to get back to who we have always been” – 14.35 - “I get curious about what we are not hearing rather than what we are” – 25.50 - “What if we are all perfectly abnormal?” – 34.35

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