Episode 119 - Truly Hue-Man Conversation by HumansFirst - Tanya Obeng, Brian Kelly, Rishita Jones & Kate Griffiths


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We are pleased to share the second of our truly hue-man conversations which included Brian Kelly, Rishita Jones, Kate Griffiths and Tanya Obeng in conversation as we had a wide-ranging conversation taking in race, leadership, education, self-leadership and so much more.

The reason that Tanya, Brian, Rihsita, and Kate took part in this conversation was:

- “Seeing colour, seeing diversity. Too often people say that they don’t see colour and I know it is meant on a human level, but it is really about connecting with people, seeing people’s differences, appreciating peoples differences and connecting with people on a soul level and appreciating them for who they are” - 02.00 Tanya

- “I am excited about the opportunity to expand my perspective, to help us all expand our perspectives, to listen and learn from one another, so that we can come at creating change and taking purposeful action together, from a different place” - 02.55 Brian

- “I feel that up until now people have either been active when it comes to racism and D&I or they have been neutral. I want us to move from neutral to a more active stance. I’d like us to understand our own lens, our own frame of reference which shapes our thinking, our beliefs and our actions and I want to go deeper than that as we are all human beings with passions, dreams and desires. We all want to be heard, seen & felt” – 04.00 Rishita

- “On the back of a HumansFirst call, I love those calls, but I recognised that my soul was yearning for deeper connection which isn’t as easy to obtain when there are 40 or 50 or 60 people in a call so this really seemed to be heaven sent and when we are processing such complex set of emotions such as shame and all those other things that have come up recently, the way to heal is through more intimate gatherings where we can be ourselves and be open to learn” – 05.20 Kate

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Brian -> https://www.linkedin.com/in/briankellyleadershipcoaching/

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