Episode 128 - A truly hue-man conversation with Dr Charlie Easmon, Roz Savage MBE & Toni McLelland


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Dr Charlie Easmon trained at St George's. London. He did his elective in Ghana (his country of birth) and has since worked with, among others, Merlin, Raleigh International and Save the Children in Rwanda, and ECHO in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

He has been privileged to work in and visit 75 countries.

Charlie’s interest in mental health in the workplace came late through his occupational health work in which he saw the consequences of poor work environments, late referral, lack of mental health support resources or poor management. He lectures in schools to children, parents and teachers on mental health.

He has built his own private medical business through various (at times stressful) ups and downs over the last 15 years and has counted 12% of the FT100 amongst his clients. The current business is called Your Excellent Health Service www.yourexcellenthealth.co.uk and is based at 1 Harley Street

Roz Savage MBE is the first (and so far only) woman to row solo across the world’s “Big Three” oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian, earning four Guinness World Records. A latecomer to the world of adventure, she was inspired to pick up her oars for the environmental cause after seeing the retreating glaciers in the South American Andes.

She has written two books about her ocean adventures, and earlier this year published The Gifts of Solitude: A Guide to Surviving and Thriving in Isolation, drawing on her experiences as a solo rower to support people struggling with lockdown.

She now writes, speaks, and lectures on sustainability, courage, resilience, and leadership, and is the founder of the Sisters, a global women’s movement.


By the time she was 27, Toni McClelland was proactively working with councillors through the London riots and bombings as well as being a lay visitor for the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), she was embedded in the community and the go to person. She was fast emerging as a crisis leader

With a wealth of strategic business development experience across criminal justice, education, care and fast forward to the present day, my work has seen me managing multi-million-pound budgets and portfolio projects whilst focusing on large reorganisations, transformations, evaluations, service reviews and feasibility projects

She is passionate about individualisation, personalisation awareness, organisational cultures and bringing sustainable change with empowerment, embracing difference and inclusion at the heart.


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