Why Millionaires Get What They Want


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In this video, Patrick Bet-David talks about missed business opportunities. He opens by telling a story of his days as a manager at Bally Total Fitness. His team found themselves struggling to sell memberships, which led Bet-David to ask them the following question. “How many of the nearly 100 people working out right now know you by name?” They said, “About 5 people.” This led Bet-David to tell his team the big opportunity they were sitting on. They had 95 prospects they could try to spark a conversation with, which could potentially turn into a referral that could then turn into a sell. His team reluctantly dismissed the idea. However, Bet-David was determined to prove there was merit to his theory, so he spoke to every person at the gym. He sold 3 memberships that night and shortly after, his gym was selling the most memberships.
How many business opportunities are you failing to take advantage today?

The video can be viewed on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/v77qRdZq57Q

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