Entry 2-09: The Choices We Make


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Preparations to evacuate the Walton begin as its crew try to figure out who Nolira is working with.

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Written by K.A. Statz Produced with Sound Design and Editing by Travis Vengroff Executive Producer Bobby Fatemi Dialogue Editing by Marisa Ewing of Hemlock Creek Productions Mixing and Mastering by Brandon Strader Script Editing by W.K. Statz Translations by Sophie Yang


Dr. Nolira Eck - Siobhan Lumsden Ally – Tanja Milojevic Auden Barrow – David Devereux Captain Sarpon – David Ault Commander Graan – Lani Minella Crew Member 1 – Daniel Munos Crew Member 2 – Michael Alan Herman Crew Member 3 – Vin Ernst Sanjay – Jonah Knight Security – Tim Trautman Protester 1 – Tal Minear Protester 2 – Travis Vengroff Dr. Stanislav Helstein – Drew Ackerman Driver – Dave J. Dixon Sinson Untyn – Dallas Wheatley


“Adrift (The VAST Horizon Theme)" Written and Performed by Brandon Boone with Choir Arrangement by Steven Melin, Performed by The Budapest Scoring Choir

“Missing Citizens" Written and Performed by Steven Melin

VAST Horizon art by Kessi Riliniki

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Sound Effects: (attribution licensees)

"Hardware Beeping" recorded by Sean Daniel Francis

###Trigger Warnings### Claustrophobia, Loss of Sibling, Terrorism

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