12 | Midwife Annalise's VBA2C waterbirth with insulin-dependent Gestational Diabetes; PND/PNA, Scoliosis, Public Hospital


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In this episode we meet Annalise, a midwife from the Gold Coast who is a mother to three children.

Her primary caesarean was an emergency following an induction at 41 weeks for being past her due date. She was led to believe that her childhood spinal surgery for Scoliosis could have played a role in the way things unfolded in that birth. When she fell pregnant again she was told an elective caesarean would be her safest option, so she proceeded with one. She experienced post natal anxiety following this birth.

After this Annalise became a qualified midwife and fell pregnant with her surprise third baby. Despite being diagnosed with insulin dependent gestational diabetes and facing significant opposition from obstetricians Annalise tells us of how her VBAC after 2 caesareans unfolded beautifully.

Annalise’s story really highlights the importance of balanced information sharing from healthcare professionals and of having knowledge and support as a pregnant woman not only in the birth sphere but in the challenges that come in that postpartum period, including breastfeeding.

~ Notes ~

Annalise's Instagram handle: @sprout.midwife

Post Natal Depression/Anxiety support: If you or anyone you know is affected by PND symptoms please don't hesitate to contact the following support networks.

The Gidget Foundation


Beyond Blue

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