25 | Nikii's drug-free VBA2C; Emergency caesareans, Epidural, Meconium in waters, Short Inter-pregnancy Interval, Doula, Public Hospital, Hypnobirthing


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In this episode we speak to Nikii, originally from New Zealand and now lives with her partner and 3 young boys in Brisbane. Nikii experienced two emergency caesareans and then a deeply healing vaginal birth. Prior to her primary caesarean Nikii had not done any education about childbirth, and just went with the flow, which was the flow of her care provider- a local public hospital. She laboured for 17 hours before being taken into theatre and describes this birth as traumatic.

Hoping for a VBAC in her second birth, which was only 13 and a half months after her first, she did educate herself a little bit more however her baby had other plans. She believes she possibly experienced a bit of post-natal depression after this birth and shares with us why she felt that way.

Nikii gave birth to her third son in August, and it was during his pregnancy that she really stepped into her power, determined to birth on her terms despite facing resistance from her hospital. Listen to find out the number of things Nikii did differently to prepare for her healing VBA2C.

There’s a lot to take away from this episode. Here are some key themes discussed:

  • Mistreatment by healthcare professionals
  • Post natal depression (PND)
  • The importance of continuity of care and trust during labour
  • Education of birth
  • The power of intuition and inward connection
  • Self assertion and speaking out
  • The impact birth can have on the mother-child dyad

~ Notes ~

New QLD Health VBAC Guidelines:

Birth Trauma/PND Support:



The Gidget Foundation

Beyond Blue

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