29 | Renee's two positive emergency caesarean births following induction; Midwifery Group Practice, Babies not engaged at term, Cord Prolapse, Rare reaction to Prostaglandin Gel


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Today we meet Renee, a mum of two from Sydney who works as a clinical dietician. She is also the co-founder of Nurture the Seed, an encompassing guide to all things nutrition to help those going through preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum through evidence-based research and nourishing recipes (see notes below for more information).

In Renee’s first birth she had a rare adverse reaction to the prostaglandin induction gel, leading to an immediate emergency caesarean with a baby who was not engaged in her pelvis. Two months into her second pregnancy COVID-19 reached our shores, and throughout it all Renee maintained a positive attitude despite some the changes this meant to her care.

Renee gives some excellent advice for women in pregnancy regardless of whether they are on a VBAC journey or not. Her positivity and practical view on birth meant that despite her repeat caesarean, her journey was still a successful one.

Along with the support of her primary midwives from her hospital’s midwifery group practice (MGP) Renee was able to walk away from both of her births with a positive and fulfilled outlook, thus reaching the end of her VBAC journey feeling empowered from the experience.

~ Notes ~

Please connect with Renee on Instagram or Facebook: @nurturetheseed

**VBAC Birth Stories features women's lived experiences. It is not intended to replace medical advice. Should you have any concerns during your pregnancy please always consult your healthcare provider.

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