36 | Erin's story of repeat emergency caesarean during a post COVID-19 3-day lockdown period; Type 1 Diabetes, Induction, Group B streptococcus, Birth support restrictions, Student midwife, Public hospital


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Today we hear from Erin who lives in Perth with her husband and two children. Erin is a Type 1 Diabetic and we hear how this affected her first pregnancy and what different approaches she took in her VBAC pregnancy to give herself the best chance of experiencing spontaneous labour for the first time, as she was induced at 37 weeks in her first birth as per hospital policy for Type 1 Diabetic women.

Erin tested positive to Group B streptococcus (GBS) towards the end of her VBAC pregnancy which also coincided with a snap-lockdown in Perth of 3 days. In maternity this took the form of support people being disallowed from entering the birth unit in public hospital settings until the mother was deemed to be in active labour. On the day Erin’s labour began with her waters breaking, restrictions had been lifted following the lockdown and residents of Perth were able to go to football matches as well as the pub during this post-lockdown transition period, but not maternity- her husband missed out on supporting her during the crucial early stages of labour and was also asked to leave 15 minutes after her daughter was born, via a repeat emergency caesarean.

Despite how covid affected her labour a resilient Erin came away from her birth with overall positive feelings about the experience, which she attributes to the kind of preparation she had done in her second pregnancy.

We encourage government and hospital policy makers to listen and learn from Erin’s experience. We need to get the balance right because as anyone who listens to our podcast would know- support in birth matters, and no woman should ever have to labour alone.

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