38 | Jess' 2 vaginal births, one of which a drug-free VBAC following a caesarean with twins; Private Hospitals, MGP Public Hospital, Child with special needs, Hip Dysplasia, Miscarriage, Calmbirth


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In this episode we meet Jess who is a mother of four living in regional Victoria.
Jess has a unique VBAC story to tell us.
Her first birth was a vaginal birth in a private hospital setting- the fairly positive birth experience was somewhat overshadowed when doctors discovered her newborn daughter had a rare connective tissue disorder. Despite the challenges presented by her eldest’s diagnosis, Jess embraced motherhood and was thrilled to discover she was pregnant with twins. When one twin was found to be breech Jess agreed to a planned caesarean for her second birth.
In between each of her three births Jess experienced three miscarriages and she shares the very personal grief of these with us. Her fourth child and third birth was a VBAC journey she undertook through her local public hospital in the MGP with a dedicated midwife to support her through pregnancy and birth during Covid in 2020. She shares what she wanted to experience in this vaginal birth that was different to her first, and what tools she used to prepare herself physically and mentally to achieve this.
Jess shows us a refreshing blend of positivity as well as resilience as she describes what it's like to raise a child with additional needs and navigate the usual and not so usual trials of parenting.

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VBAC Course: VBAC Master Class

Instagram: @empoweredtobirth

Book: Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Sarah J Buckley, MD

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