Britney Spears, Our Take + MoDS Venetian Creates Perfect Pic | Ep. 56


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Everyone is talking about Britney Spears because of the recent release of a documentary called, "Framing Britney Spears." Sean and Dayna give their take on the latest conversation, plus Sean interviewed Britney at Planet Hollywood and talks about his experience. Sean and Dayna also talk about the latest changes in Las Vegas when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions. The Governor is allowing capacity up to 50 percent starting March 15th. This paves the way for entertainment to return on the strip, and more people can be here for March Madness. Sean and Dayna travel to the Museum of Dream Space, now open at The Venetian. The rooms have different themes and will create the perfect "cool" picture setting for you. Manager, Gabriella Diaz chats with Vegas Revealed. Sean and Dayna also visit Crimson in Bloom at Red Rock Resort Casino. A new spring attraction!

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